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First Weeks of Freedom - The Whimsical Journey Update

It’s official - I now work for myself.

It’s a scary thing, giving up the security of a full time, well paying job. Some people may even say that it’s a crazy thing to do. But in this day and age, I’ve always felt like there are so many opportunities for people to try to be independent, and strike out on their own. Maybe that’s an illusion, perpetuated by social media (tictok, I’m looking at you), but honestly I can’t open my phone without seeing someone else being successful at what they want to do, and fulfilling their passions.

Not to say that social media is a clear indicator of how things actually are, I’m very aware that what people put on their socials is usually just the prettiest tip of the iceberg, but I can’t help but be impressed and inspired by the possibilities.

Since my last post here, I finished my two week transition out of my full time role as a VR Project Manager. It was a long, full two weeks to say the least, since it’s always more effort than you think to tidy up loose ends and wrap everything up in a nice bow. I did my best with it though, since it’s always a good idea to leave a job on a high note. Did I give a two hour slide presentation to my bosses boss on my very last day? Yes. Was it stressful? Also yes. But knowing that I won’t have to do anything like that for a long while is so so sweet.

That being said, we’ve entered into the stage of figuring out what to do with my time. I said from the beginning that I was going to take a break to start off. I feel like I need to really refresh myself, and give my brain and my mental health the time it needs to rekindle my passion about art and creativity. But with all of the excitement coursing through me at the thought of personal freedom -- well, it’s been hard to shut down.

Lets just say that I have several different projects that I am starting to work on right now. Nothing huge and life altering, and nothing that most people would find impressive. But let’s just say, stay tuned for some fun updates on what's coming.

In the meantime, in the last week or so I have managed to sink into a sort of rhythm that does allow me to rest. I may go to bed at 3am in an art or game infused energy spike, but at least I’m able to sleep for 9 uninterrupted hours and wake up with energy and passion for the day (well, afternoon). And that’s okay. I feel like I always hear about how people have these perfect schedules and morning routines, and they’re productive at all hours of the day. I’m going to have that as a sort of goal, but I also want to understand what works for me. I know that my most productive hours and schedule may not be the same as all of these other people I see online. I’m learning to adapt to my body, and my own routine, and what works for me. For now, that's enough.

I feel so blessed to be able to take this time to myself. I know there are many people who aren’t in a position to do so. I want to stress that this is a journey, and even though I’m not sure where I’m going to end up, I’m going to try to enjoy every moment of it.

This wasn’t a very content heavy update, but I promise in my next update I’ll reveal some of my upcoming projects.

Thanks for reading and supporting! If you want to say hi to me, or if you’re a kind person who is interested in making a new friend, please drop a comment. I don’t get many (or any) so I'll be sure to see it.

Bye for now!

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